When carrying out a pedicure there are a few mistakes to avoid:

Be sure to be prepared before your client sits at the pedicure station. Ensure you are using the correct equipment, have all of the relevant equipment to hand on a suitable beauty trolley to ensure you are not straining your body. If possible use a beauty couch that has been adjusted for the treatment or a pedicure station. This will ensure your client is comfortable throughout treatment.

Do not carry out the pedicure if you are unsure there is a contra-indication to the treatment. This could only cause the client harm by making the condition worse, or spread the condition to yourself or other clients. Be sure to clean and sterilize the pedicure tools between clients in a UV cabinet.

Whether clipping or filing the toe nails, be sure that the toe nails are shaped straight across and not rounded at the edges as this can encourage ingrown toenails.

Soften the cuticles using cuticle creams and placing into the pedicure bowl with a foot soak prior to pushing back. This will make the procedure more effective and ensure client comfort.

Do not cut the cuticles, be sure to use cuticle remover, cuticle knife and cuticle nippers. This will prevent cuticles from becoming overgrown.

When exfoliating use a foot scrub and use the pedi file/rasp in one direction only, do not back and forth as this can cause trauma to the skin.

Do not scrimp on the time spent massaging the feet, this is what relaxes the client and makes the treatment feel luxurious.

Be sure to ‘squeak’ the nails prior to applying varnish, this removes any grease from the nail plate so the varnish can adhere.

Give the varnish a couple of minutes to dry between coats, ensuring a base coat is used to stop discoloration of the nail plate.

Ensure your client has sufficient time to allow the varnish to dry even if using a quick dry top coat/oiland supply the client with pedi flip flops, to stop the varnish from being smudged by their own socks/tights and shoes.

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