Yuck! Dry, scaley skin and fading tan. Dry skin due to colder winds, more clothes and increased central heating? – If the answer is yes its time for a scrub. I’m not talking about the soft pearls that you get in your daily shower gel, I’m talking about the sugar/salt scrubs available, make sure you use with a mitt, not one of those foo foo things that you get in the supermarket. You can make up the scrub at home, so you don’t have to buy one from the shops all it takes is a small cup of salt and add in olive oil or almond oil gradually until it looks and feels like the correct consistency to be smoothed over your body.


When you are in the shower, wet your skin, then stand out of the water and whilst wearing your mitts, start working the scrub all over your body, be methodical, start off at your lower leg and work up, don’t forget to spend extra time on feet, knees, elbows and back of arms. Keep going until the skin looks rosey and the salt starts to clog together. Best done in the shower so its easy to wash off! – salt and sugar is great as it dissolves, not leaving scum in your shower bowl. When you get out, don’t forget to Moisturise!


I use Dead sea body lotion, it’s a great combination, very effective and does not break the bank available from Debenhams and some health food shops. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, invigorated and soft.