Well the time has come, I'm noticing that I'm looking a little tired and a few more wrinkles are becoming more noticeable, so off we go to flawless medical for a touch of Botox. I met Julia who explained hr background, the history of botchelism and how it became used for cosmetic purposes. She explained why she uses the brand allergan and how it works, showing me diagrams of muscles. After discussing the results I wanted to achieve, she explained the areas she would be injecting and why. 


We explained the treatment plan, how long the tesla would last for and when I should go back to maintain the results. 


I sat on he couch and feeling a little anxious the area was cleansed and off she went. Injecting in between my brows first, then my forehead and finally around my eyes. There all done! It stung in areas, but not real discomfort, it was over within minutes. 


Nice, hygienic practice and julia has a lovely, welcoming and friendly nature. Treatment for the three areas cost £190 as part of their web introductory offer at The Lounge, moordown and I can't wait to see what it looks like in a couple of weeks, I'll keep you posted!