Its winter time, tights and trousers are back on and there’s very minimal chance for any sunbathing, so I’m gonna bite the bullet and splash out on some IPL as it seems so much more affordable and available nowadays! I have spent a lot of money on laser hair removal in the past, with varying results, so it will be good to try one of these bargain basement places to see if the results differ, I am fed up of stubbly legs, so I’m hoping it will reduce the hairs even if it doesn’t get rid of them completely.


So now for a little bit of science - Intense Pulse light used for the permanent reduction in hair. The light is attracted to the pigment within the hair, so if there is a lot of pigment in the skin the light does not penetrate deep to the root, it becomes diffused and can affect the surrounding skin, hence no IPL whilst tanning!


So why is it so hit and miss, working great for some people and not for others? Well it can only destroy the hairs that are at the correct stage of growth, but each time the hair is treated the hair will return finer if it returns at all. IPL works more effectively on the correct hair and skin colour (e.g. dark terminal hairs on pale skin). The technology is reported to be getting better and more effective.


Previously, I learnt that the trick to success is sticking to the correct timescales and finding the a place that offers the most effective machine as I believe that not IPL machines are the same. Make sure you do not wax/tweezer between treatments as this affects the growth pattern of the hair, be sure to shave the day before so there is little hair above the skins surface so the light can penetrate down to the root. When I asked will it last? I was told that due to hormones and different growth patterns of the hairs, sometimes new hairs can grow but the hairs that have been treated and destroyed will never grow back.


Yes there is a downside other than the cost which I can justify as a long term investment if it works -  don’t think this treatment won’t hurt as it can be a little sore on some areas of the body, it can be time consuming and expensive. It is also a little demotivating as you do not see the result when you walk out of the salon. As some hairs within the treated area do return, it is difficult to obtain nice clean straight lines e.g. Brazilian, therefore you end up shaving to ensure the area is neat and tidy.


I have been trying any area for £45 at Sun and Moon, I purchased a course – buy 5 treatments and get the 6th free so decided to try and thin out the growth on my lower leg – the only major area still with unwanted hair, this is a bit of a long process, so I’ll keep you posted!