Well not sure if it’s a midlife crisis kicking in but I had finally decided to get a tattoo! After contemplating and researching for a few years now, I had finally decided on what to have, where on my body it would go and who was going to do it! 


So went along for a consultation, my tattoo artist spent time talking through the process. They took my piece of body art from paper and made it into a workable tattoo. There was no hard sell, but I had made my mind up, so I decided to book my first session. I handed over a deposit to hold my appointment and was given a price guide for the whole tattoo and rules on what to avoid before getting tattooed. I had a few days to wait and was encouraged to go away and think about any changes I may want to make – cos once it has been done, its there forever!  


I felt making the decision of what to have and where to have it need to be done hand  in hand, I chose a place on my body that can be hidden, that ages well and is not distorted by weight gain. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most sensitive – so I was going hardcore for my first tattoo – the ribs!


I have seen so many bad tattoos, done on a whim, by bad tattooists, so I wanted to go to the right studio, somewhere clean, where I felt at ease, I researched different studios, different artists and looked at different portfolios. Indelible’s owner Stevie A has a fantastic reputation although specialising in pieces of art rather than script. The work here is always carried out to a high standard in clean hygienic up to date surroundings.  


So when the day arrived – I wish I could say I was chilled and relaxed about it, but in reality I was completely petrified! The area was cleaned and the stencil placed on my skin, there was no rush, we spent time getting it right. I laid there on the couch questioning my tattooist what does it feel like? What if I can only hack one word or one letter, can we pick a random word from the script that wouldn’t look odd if I chicken out? What if I do an involuntary movement  etc.  I then wanted to hear the machine again and get used to the noise. As I had never had anything like this before, it was suggested tattooing a couple of lines on my skin without the ink, so I could know what it felt like as it seemed the unknown was the bit that was getting to me. We then decided to make a start. 


One hour later, a third of the tattoo done, my skin was so swollen and we had reached an appropriate place to stop, so we decided to call it a day and booked the following session. My tattoo artist was great, she did not pressure me, she wanted to go at my own pace and it felt as though she had my interest at heart. I was given all my aftercare advice of what to do and what not to do. What a fantastic experience and now I can’t wait to go back and get it completed! A few days later, now the swelling has gone down its looking great already – very highly recommended and well worth the £80 an hour! 


This was a big deal for me and I wanted a tattoo artist who understood this and didn’t just see this as a piece of script. Goodness knows how people find it addictive, I can honestly say that this is my one and only and if anyone tells you a tattoo doesn’t hurt, then they are lying!


Have a look at some of the art work and the tattoos that are done  www.indelible-tattoo.co.uk