Well off I go to get the ever popular manicure treatment. The best thing I find about getting shellac is that you don’t have to wait ages for it to dry, you can walk out the salon, go into your handbag,  wallet etc. without smudging and it can last up to two without chipping – perfect for busy lifestyles,. But remember this does depend on the state of your own natural nails, e.g. if they are dry and peeling don’t expect to last more than a few days! Also, I have found that continual use without application of cuticle oil can dry out and be detrimental to your natural nail, so although addictive, don’t get carried away!


Shellac brushes on just like regular nail polish with your nails prepped in the same manner as a basic manicure, therefore no damage to the natural nail. Shellac is a gel that is brushed onto the nail as with nail varnish and then placed under the UV lamp to harden (approx. 10 secs for base coat, 2 mins for each of the x2 coats of colour and top coat). When the top coat is done, you get a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol and you're ready to go. Quick, easy, out the door, no smudging!


As the number of colours increase the popularity of the manicure is growing and there are a number of ‘me too’ products out there – my advice is still to Shellac.