It is important to operate a hygienic and professional nail sail to not only protect your staff, prevent cross infection but to promote a professional image. Although, it may all seem like common sense, it is easy for busy salons to allow standards to slip, so here are a few tips to ensure high standards are maintained.


  • Wash and/or sterilize your hands and your clients hands/feet thoroughly before you start the treatment. Whilst doing this check your client for contra-indications.
  • All items of equipment must be sterilized for each client, this must be done prior to commencing the treatment. With a number of sets of equipment, sanitise after using (including nail files), and place in a so a UV cabinet is perfect for storing all items of equipment.
  • Make sure you keep sterilized and disinfected tools separately, clearly labeling the sterilized so the two do not become confused.
  • Ensure your foot spas are regularly cleaned and maintained using liners whenever possible.
  • Regularly clean the salon, to remove dirt and ensure anti bacterial cleansers are used to kill bacteria and stop the spread of infection. This will promote a hygienic and professional image.
  • When using towels ensure these are placed into a boil was to kill any bacteria and prevent cross infection.
  • When removing creams and products from their containers do not place fingers etc. into the pots always use spatulas and where possible choose products with dispensers.
  • Take particular care if there is any bleeding caused, use bleach, gloves, antiseptic  where possible and dispose of any cotton wool, swabs etc. which come into contact with blood etc. into the sharps box (to be incinerated).
  • Where possible use consumable equipment that can be disposed of e.g. cover the towels with couch roll or change towels between clients.
  • Client and nail technician safety is priority, so if you are concerned your client has a contra-indication do not be afraid to ask them to consult their doctor before carrying out any treatments.


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