I can honestly say that I have lost count of the different types of facials I have had over the years, and this was a completely different type of facial again. An auveydic treatment from India, Tridosha knows everybody’s skin is different, and with the help of Ayurveda, (an age-old Indian wisdom) Tri dosha's belief is that the skin is constantly in flux, either from season to season or because bodily and hormonal changes. This means, your skin is treated according to its current condition, not overall type. Rejuvenate [vata - is composed of either space and air], Calm [pitta -  is composed of fire and water] or Balance [kapha - is composed of water and earth]. The therapist asks you several questions to determine the your category and then products and oils etc. are chosen to suit your requirements, I was a Vata (im not sure Im happy with the explanation of being composed of either space or air!). 


My skin was cleansed, then a 30 minute massage using dumplings, a bucket load of oil (which I was warned about) was applied and massaged over my face for about 30 mins, working over marma points – (positions on the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendon, bones and joints meet) believed to be the points that could be used to heal or harm. Massage manipulations over these points helps to release endorphins, the feel good hormones. I was then exfoliated and a masked was placed onto my skin whilst I relaxed having a shoulder and scalp massage. When I left the room, I felt completely relaxed and ready to sleep, my skin felt and looked amazing.


I loved the facial , so would recommend it to my friends who have a spare £105, although, a little more information from the therapist would've been welcome. It is an expensive facial so I was really pleased to try it as part of my sundown package as I would find it difficult to spend this on a manual facial. 


Day 2 and my skin still looks Great!