Carefully choosing the correct equipment at the right price will ensure your salon is working more efficiently. This is true whether purchasing large items of equipment such as beauty couches or hairdressing chairs right through to the consumables and accessories such as couch roll. So when making your selection remember that increasing efficiency of the equipment and treatments will lead to improved staff productivity and more profit, therefore bare in mind the following: 


Quality - Ensure all equipment purchased is high quality and durable. Choose a reputable company with good reviews for customer satisfaction and good warranty. Investigate their policy for replacement parts etc and ensure the equipment complies with Health & Safety and fire regulations. 

Durability - Ensure all equipment purchased is high quality and durable. The equipment needs to be easy to clean and durable to maintain a professional image and profitability. Its a false economy purchasing equipment that is not durable and breaks easily. 

Fit for purpose – There are so many different styles of equipment available so choose salon equipment such as tools and consumer items which best fits your needs, ensuring it can be used for the services you plan to offer.  This will ensure treatments are carried out to a good standard and in a timely manner.

Using disposable items e.g. couch roll, G strings etc. is essential in the Salon. These items aid working hygienically and also help minimize mess whilst offering protection to produce the desired results. These items also help improve efficiency by saving time on laundry and preparing the treatment area in between treatments.


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