Beauty4Less offer a great range of good quality essential consumables required in any salon. Why not take advantage of further discounts by purchasing in bulk?

The Couch Roll is great for protecting beauty couches during treatments. Because it is disposable time is saved on laundry and preparing the treatment area in between treatments whilst continuing to work hygienically and professionally.

Bowls - Beauty 4Less offer bowls such as manicure and pedicure bowls combining great quality and prices to suit your budget and requirements. 

Cotton Wool & Buds – All salons need to stock a variety of high-quality, disposable cotton buds, cotton pads and cotton wool as these are required to carry out a huge variety of treatments, whether its just cleansing the area or applying products.

Disposable items such as G-strings, caps to sticky feet offered by Beauty4Less help minimize mess, offer protection, to produce the desired results within a hygienic professional environment and are perfect for multiple treatments. Offered at great prices and great quality to suit your budget.

Beauty4Less offer powder free vinyl gloves in a range of sizes to help protect you during treatments as we understand the importance of practicing good hygiene in the salon to reduce the risk of infections.

Beauty4Less offers Sterilizers at fantastic prices to help maintain good hygiene in the salon to ensure tools are sanitized and clean preventing cross infection.

No salon can offer a full range of quality efficient treatments without a supply of disposable applicators whether for waxing, facials, makeup etc. these hygienically remove products from their containers and aid application.

Salons require lots of paperwork whether its consultation cards, loyalty cards, appointment cards, appointment books etc. This will help keep your salon organized and maintain that professional image to your clients.

Another must have item for the salon is tissues for cleaning and protecting implements, surfaces and for use during treatments. 

Beauty4Less offer a quality range of tools to improve the efficiency of your treatments as we appreciate the importance of good quality, reliable and well designed beauty tools.


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