Here are some key things to consider before purchasing salon equipment.
RESEARCH - Think about your target market; are they young professionals or older people? This may help you choose the style of the salon furniture you require. For example, are you looking for modern or traditional etc.? Choose your equipment based on this as this will help project the correct image to your customers. Think about what treatments you are looking to offer to ensure your equipment is suitable. Is your equipment adaptable? For example, does your beauty couch allow the client to lie flat or sit up comfortably?
MATERIAL - The material needs to be durable and easy to clean, especially when it comes to trolleys and shelving. It is necessary to wipe over the chairs with an antiseptic solution in between clients, therefore the material needs to be durable. This will help maintain a professional standard.
WARRANTY – Choose a good company with a good reputation, good reviews, and offers good customer satisfaction. Pick a reputable company and find out what their policy is on replacement parts etc. You do not want your business to be disrupted because your couch is not working or that you have to send it back to the manufacturer every 12 months for a service to ensure your warranty stays valid.
REGULATIONS - Check the equipment complies with Health & Safety and fire regulations.
INFLATED PRICES - Value for money is important, and you’ll want to make sure that you get salon furniture that will last and be up to the job you need it to do. For example, maybe you require a massage couch that allows clients to sit up and lie down comfortably. Buying equipment through a wholesaler is a great option if you want to save money, and Beauty4Less offers great start up packages, whether you are a hairdresser, nail technician or beauty therapist.

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