While it’s important to keep the front of the salon clean, this is only possibly by being organized, while keeping your consumables in a neat and tidy order so they are where they should be when you need them. Don’t forget that the salon being clean and hygienic is a great marketing tool, here are some simple steps to clean our salon:


- It is useful to step away from the salon and take a look with fresh eyes to see if anything needs spring cleaning or replacing etc. e.g. promotional posters, paint, furniture, equipment, cushions, towels etc are looking fresh.

- After every use, always wipe down / clean the salon furniture and clean/sterilize the equipment immediately after use.

- If necessary sweep the floor in a hair salon to remove hair and debris after each client.

- Ensure the toilets and wash room are checked regularly and kept clean and hygienic.

- Be sure to clean all the dark corners of the salon and don’t forget the little things like mugs etc, not just your equipment.

- Hands are used throughout the treatment and come in contact with hair, face, hands, bodies etc throughout treatments. Therefore hands must be washed and sanitized regularly throughout the day and between clients.

- Clean and disinfect work surfaces and trolleys, don't forget to include the reception, phones, tills etc. thoroughly between clients and keep them tidy at all times, this will help you to work more efficiently and remove fine dust.

- Store as much of your equipment and products in the back office making use of Beauty4Less Back Office storage, this will not only keep it safe, but will help to keep your salon tidy.

- Ensure there are procedures and processes written regarding good hygiene and safety, on display and delivered to all staff and ensure these are adhered to.

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