Would you return to your hair, beauty, nail or waxing salon if it was dirty?

I know that I wouldn’t, it doesn’t look very professional, it would make me feel uncomfortable and I would be concerned about cross infection. Below are some of the top reasons to keep your salon clean and tidy:

It is really important for your reputation and the professionalism of your salon to be clean and tidy. In addition, your staff should also look clean and tidy. It does not look very professional, safe or hygienic if your staff or salon are untidy or not very clean. No client likes to visit a salon that is full of dust, being surrounded with cluttered equipment and grubby tools etc. Clients will not recommend this kind of salon to their family and friends either. Therefore, always give a clean and tidy first impression to your salon clients. Cleanliness is an effective and cheap method to market your salon to the public.

Beauty4Less storage solutions e.g. trolleys are perfect to help keep your salon tidy, this ensures that everything has a place and can be easily found when required, therefore enabling staff to work more effectively and efficiently. These back office storage solutions help when carrying out stock takes, replenishing and stock rotation. If displayed properly using shelves, trolleys and back office shelving, there is no chance of stock being lost, going past its expiration date therefore reducing wastage.

Good practices can help clients return, if a client sees the salon and staff are clean and working in a hygienic way with clean equipment, this helps clients to feel more comfortable therefore relax, more confident in your abilities, therefore want to return, this is what you want and need for the success of your salon.

The equipment you need to run a salon is not always cheap and constantly having to replace equipment will eat into the salon profits. If you look after your equipment it tends to last longer, so not only working with it correctly but also clean equipment tends to be more durable. Therefore when purchasing your equipment ensure it can be easily cleaned e.g. Beauty4less beauty couches and Hairdressing chairs made from vinyl which can be wiped over between clients.

Keeping your salon, staff and equipment clean ensures you work more hygienically and prevents cross infection, this will protect not only you, but your staff and clients too.

Having a clean and tidy salon can also reduce the risk of accidents, if there are trailing cables or equipment not put back in its place and the rooms/areas not cleaned after each client e.g. hair not swept up etc, which could cause clients or staff to slip up.

back of house equipment image

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