Today there are so many different treatments to be offered by your salon to help you to maintain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game. When setting up your salon or investigating which new treatment is best suited to your salon and clientele, you will notice that many come with a hefty investment. So you need to explore all options to ensure you are making an informed decision and the correct investment. 

There are a number of different electrical items that you will need to purchase, so investing well will not only ensure an efficient and smooth running salon, but will also add value and assets to your salon. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when planning your investments:

  • Purchase equipment that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your treatments e.g. Magnifier to carry out a thorough skin analysis and tailor your facial to increase effectiveness.
  • Use equipment to help make your treatments seem more luxurious e.g. Electric blanket
  • Choose superior top of the range electrical equipment to assist the therapist and adhere to health &safety standards e.g. Adjustable beauty couches and nail station with extractor etc.
  • Make use of electrical equipment for facials (muscle toning, microdermabrasion etc) and body treatments (anti cellulite, muscle toning etc) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments.
  • Utilise a small room if available by offering sunbed treatments.
  • Purchase a computer system and salon app, to not only assist with bookings, but to get other benefits such as, sending reminders to reduce the number of ‘no shows’, reduce storage of paper copies, reporting stats on treatments, products etc and promoting offers and new treatments.

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