Blog introducing hair salons and the key things to consider when starting/setting up a hair salon

  • Where are you going to set up your business? – Are you setting up a high street salon or based at home. The foot fall will be reflected in the cost of rent and rates.

  • Choose the right building - Ensure the lay out is suitable for the services you plan to offer, any major works will increase your initial investment.

  • Equipment – purchase all the necessary equipment to carry out your chosen services. If it is a hairdressing salon your biggest purchase is likely to be hairdressing chairs so it is important to carry out some investigation to ensure you purchase the correct chairs that fit in with your style, budget and satisfy the requirements of all the treatments you are offering e.g. Barbering, shaves, hair cuts etc.

  • Decide which services you are going to offer – Look at your competitors and try to find a unique selling point e.g. brazilian blow drys, extensions, superior products or shaves.

  • Upselling - Be aware that selling professional products used during your treatments can increase your profitability, but will also need to be displayed in reception areas.

  • Pricing Services – whilst keeping your prices competitive remember you are in business to make profit. Work out the realistic cost for each service offered and overheads for having the salon.

  • Marketing and Advertising - Determine your advertising budget, whether this is includes advertising in local newspaper, radio, directories, leaflet drops. Today an online presence is compulsory and social media can be really effective. Be aware of your reputation as word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.

  • Software - As your client base grows you will need to document treatments carried out, this is where the computer becomes invaluable. Collating email addresses essential to promoting new services to clients e.g. a facial to a nail client. This advertising is invaluable and low cost once the platform is in place.

  • Staff – Choosing the right staff is key to the success of your salon. Be sure to interview and check any hairdresser thoroughly, by reviewing their c.v, check references and carry out a trade test where possible.

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