Below is the vital equpment that you will need when running a hair salon.

Hairdressing/ Barber Chair - this is where your client will sit whilst carrying out their treatment and is likely to be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment when setting up your salon, so this item requires research. Be sure your chosen chairs fit in with your style, budget, satisfies the requirements of all the treatments you are offering e.g. Barbering, shaves, hair cuts etc. ensure it is comfortable for your client to sit for a long period of time and that your purchase from a reputable wholesaler. This chair should also, be adjustable to suit the needs of the hairdresser.

Trolley - This item will provide storage for items of equipment used during treatments such as rollers etc. when not in use it should have sufficient storage to tidy equipment away so a clean professional image is maintained. It should be able to be manoeuvred around the salon easily, be easy to clean and durable. There are various designs available so choose carefully to ensure your chosen trolley suits your requirements, whether storing bottles, towels or rollers.

Hairdresser Stool -available in various styles and colours ensure your chosen chair is durable and comfortable as your hairdresser will be sat on this stool for long periods of time.

Consumables (e.g. gloves, cotton wool, tissues, foils etc.) - Carefully choosing the correct equipment at the right price will ensure your salon is working more efficiently. This is true when purchasing the consumables such as gloves. So when making your selection remember that increasing efficiency of the equipment and treatments will lead to improved staff productivity and more profit. When using disposable items e.g. gloves etc. are great to not only work hygienically and help minimize mess whilst offering protection when producing the desired results but also help improve efficiency by saving time.

Products (e.g. shampoo, tints, barrier cream, hair spray etc.) - Decide which products you are going to offer – Look at your competitors and try to find a unique selling point. Be aware that selling professional products used during your treatments can increase your profitability and keep your prices competitive but remember you are in business to make profit.

Hairdressing kit (e.g. scissors, hair dryer, rollers, styling equipment sterilizer, towels, etc.) Ensure your chosen equipment is good quality and fit for purpose – There are so many different styles of equipment available so choose salon equipment such as tools which best fits your needs ensuring it can be used for the services you plan to offer.  This will ensure treatments are carried out to a good standard and in a timely manner.

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