So December is the Party season, the time when everyone wants to look their best so you will often get clients visit you for the first time. Therefore, this is the perfect time to try and entice new clients to your salon or encourage existing clients to try a new treatment.

As fashion changes our skin, hair and style changes too, therefore it is not always appropriate to wear the same makeup you wore when you were 20 as when you go to a party in your 40’s. So Christmas is a great time to revisit your make up application. Offering a Christmas deal for make up treatments, can encourage people to try it, whether it be discount, a free product or price of treatment refundable against any products purchased. A make up application for Christmas can be a little more flamboyant with the use of shimmer, glitter or eyelashes, the use of all the different products within the treatment are an excellent opportunity for upselling and increasing the profitability of the treatment.


Christmas hair - styling aids and tools, extensions

Getting your hair styled for a party always makes you feel good, so offering a deal on Christmas styling e.g. blow dry, hair up or combine with nails or make up etc. is a great opportunity to get new people to visit your salon and upsel party products from styling tools, products, hair glitter or extensions.

Spray tans and homecare

Unless we are fortunate enough to escape to the sun in the middle of winter, we all can start to look a bit pale, so an offer on a spray tan for the party season is perfect and if advertised well it could encourage new clients. This is a great opportunity to sell home tanning products to your clients, whether it be an instant tan extender to maintain your tan or a scrub and moisturizer to make your tan last longer and wear off evenly.

Nails and homecare

Party nail time! Whether you want glitter, shimmer or nail art this is the time to encourage new clients to the salon, increasing the size of your database and using the opportunity to sell homecare products. Why not offer discount on a 2nd treatment e.g. mini pedi etc. 

Alongside offering discounted treatments, advertise that you sell vouchers. Some with a monetary values e.g.  £5, £10 and £20 and others where a treatment can be written. These can be great for the panic purchase and can encourage new clients to visit your salon.

Salons are great places to find stocking fillers, so it is worth purchasing some mini treats to sell to your clients. Mini nail varnishes, colourful nail files, mini hand creams or facial products. Make these into packages and display in reception. Be sure to keep the price low to ensure these sell well.

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