We’ve spoken before about the considerable wonders of massage. Massage can help reduce stress levels, boost the immune system and generally provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience. ‘Deep’ massage targeted at specific muscle groups is absolutely unmatched in loosening the body, and can provide real pain relief and muscle therapy in individuals suffering from an injury, or simple tension.

But it’s important to remember that massage is a profession, practiced by trained specialists with a good degree of talent and intuition for the art. There are many recorded instances of people attending a massage with an untrained individual, whether by someone they know or through a paid channel, and suffering from health issues later on. Massage absolutely needs to be done correctly if you’re to reap the benefits.

For instance, untrained massage has been noted to raise the risk of blood clots in the veins. Amateurs providing deep massages have been known to loosen fat clots in the vein, which then travel to the heart, lungs or brain, causing an embolism. Professionals can give deep massages without traumatising the veins, so ensure you’re seeing a trained individual.

Lesser issues can occur which completely negate the point of the massage. An incorrectly executed Swedish massage will have no effect whatsoever, though at least it’s not harmful. A deep massage executed without ability will likely provide more aches and cramps than it manages to dispel.

There are plenty of professional organisations and talented mobile masseuses out there, and unless you’re in the same tier you shouldn’t risk hurting yourself and others through dangerous massage practice. At the very least, try to keep it Swedish.