Setting up a beauty salon within in a hairdressing salon is a great option if you want to start your own business but do not have the budget for your own salon and you cannot work from home. When renting a room in a hairdressing salon, this can be a more economic way with less financial risk of starting your own business you will generally find the rent is fixed to include all or the majority of bills or a percentage of your earnings. Try to negotiate a percentage when you first start so when your earnings are low you pay low rent, but as you become busier it generally is more beneficial to  pay a fixed rent. This generally has the benefit of being high street, therefore a good foot fall with out the high rent. 

Often you can also benefit from joint advertising with the hair salon to help reduce marketing costs and make use of an existing client base by offering incentives for the hairdressing staff to refer /advertise your services. Please bare in mind that although you have a captive audience you must still promote yourself to create and grow your own client base. Renting a room in a busy salon offers you the chance to work independently, but with the chance to interact with other workers.

Remember that renting a room in a hairdressing salon does also come with its drawbacks as you are a tenant, you will have to abide by certain rules such as opening hours etc. often hairdressing salons are busy and noisy places of work so not always suitable for the treatments you would like to offer e.g. Massage, facials.  So here are some tips to think about when setting up your beauty room in a hairdressing salon:

  • Is it a busy salon on the high street? Is there good footfall of clients and passers by?
  • Does the salon attract the right type of customer e.g. Men and/or women, or if you are offering cutting edge, high tech technology treatments a salon with a client base of 70 year olds may not be suitable.
  • Can you make use if their existing client base for promotions, new treatments etc. can you link your client databases, websites etc.?
  • Is the room easily accessible, not tucked away in a cold, dark cellar?
  • Is the room large enough for your requirements and the treatments you plan to offer, can you comfortable fit in your couch and manoeuvre, an aesthetician may not require as much space as a masseuse?
  • Is the treatment room quiet enough to create a relaxing environment e.g. Not next door to a noisy staff room?
  • Is the rent a percentage with a potential move to fixed rent and is the room available full time, part time, will other therapists be using it when you are not about?
  • Will the employees assist with promoting your services to existing clients?
  • Is there sufficient space for storage and display of products to assist with upselling and can your equipment/products be locked away securely when you are not about?
  • Are you able to have a separate manicure or pedicure station where clients can see you carrying out treatments, as this will encourage clients to ask about treatments and try try treatments. 
  • Will the hairdressing salon receptionist take bookings for you and if so, how will this work e.g. Computer based, avoiding clashes, booking the correct timings etc. will you have your own phone number.


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