As one of the most important pieces of equipment in your salon, it is vital to make the right choice when buying a massage couch, but this can be difficult when you are new to the business. Here are some key factors to bear in mind.

As massage couches vary greatly in price, first you must pick your budget and stick to it. Beauty Couches are available in lots of different styles, as offered by Beauty4Less, so pick one that looks good and fits in with the style of your salon, whether you have gone for a more traditional, retro, shabby chic or holistic looking treatment room. 

You need to try and maximise the potential revenue earnings by offering a wide range of treatments within your salon, therefore it is important that you choose the right couch to ensure it meets your needs. With such variety, you must think carefully about what you want to get out of your couches. 

For example, if your budget allows, an electronically adjustable couch is more desirable due to the ease with which you can adjust the position of the chair without interrupting treatment to alter it manually. They can also be lowered to allow the client easy access to the chair.

Some therapists, such as mobile therapists, require lighter, more portable couches. When you are frequently setting up your massage couch in different places, lifting it into the boot of your car etc, the weight of the couch is a very important factor to consider, which is often determined by the material. Wood and aluminium tend to be the portable couch materials of choice, with wood couches being lighter while aluminium being more stable.

While being portable, the couch should still be suitable to carry out all beauty therapy treatments. Light massages, lash extensions, waxing etc. must all be catered for, so the couch must have the facility to sit clients up, lay flat and have a removable face hole for when they are on their front.

Whatever style of couch you choose, ensure that the material is easy to clean with few nooks and crannies that can catch dust and dirt, making them harder to maintain and less aesthetically pleasing for the clients.

It is important to check that the couch is the right size for your clients, stable enough not to creak throughout the treatment and is comfortable and pleasant for the duration of the treatment.

In addition, be sure to check warranties, guarantees and customer reviews while purchasing from reputable companies. If something goes wrong with your massage couch, it will be vital to get a quick repair or replacement

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