With the recent advances in nail services offering more choice our clients, so it is no longer just a choice of natural nails or artificial, there is also gel polishes added to the mix. This has encouraged more women to the salon for nail treatments on a regular basis, which has resulted in more nail salons opening, including mobile, home based or a nail station in a hairdressing salon. With this increased competition, to ensure your business is a success and encourage people to your salon and not to the salon down the road, here are a few tips to help the running of a nail salon: 


  • Pricing should be competitive, often a cheaper price will encourage new clients to try your salon, and use this opportunity to upsell products etc. But remember don’t be too cheap as profit is what will help your salon to survive. Advertise and tempt new clients with an offer making use of leaflets, posters, website, social media, text/email shots, radio, magazines etc.
  • Deliver an excellent service to ensure clients leave happy and tell their friends and family, word and mouth recommendations. Maybe offer a discount for referrals e.g. refer 5 friends and receive a free treatment.
  • Offer different treatments to your local competitors to gain competitive advantage e.g. if they offer a gel polish manicure, then maybe use a recognizable brand.
  • When choosing your equipment ensure all equipment purchased is high quality and durable. The equipment needs to be easy to clean and durable to maintain a professional image. Make sure you choose a reputable company with good reviews for customer satisfaction and a good warranty on expensive pieces of equipment e.g. nail stations. Work within your budget, there are many different companies offering a variety of equipment. Ensure it suits your requirements and purchasing equipment through a wholesaler is a great option if you want to save money, Beauty 4 Less offer great start up packages for nail technicians and ongoing consumables at great prices. Do you want and have the budget to use branded products, if so, look at other local competitors and what they are offering. Often a brand will encourage new clients to try your salon and can also help attract clients to your web site. 
  • Utilise great shop signage, and make use of images, do not have an invisible salon, be sure people know what you are and what you offer.
  • Use local businesses to attract new clients into your salon offering discounts to their employees and ask about advertising on their intranet of possible etc. Offer loyalty cards e.g. after nine treatments get tenth treatment free etc.
  • Work with local businesses that have a similar client database to you e.g. hair and beauty salons. Think about exchanging leaflets, adding a link to each others websites, facebooks etc. and e-newsletters, exchange vouchers to be placed by the till and given to each client.
  • Choose a salon software product that allows you to capture client/treatment details etc. collating the correct information will also enable you to contact clients with discounts and offers.
  • Have an attractive, well maintained and professional website and invest time and money to work your way up the listings.
  • Ensure a Blog is included on your website and update regularly with offers and useful articles. Create a regular e-newsletter with an offer e.g. treatment of the month etc. to be emailed to your client database.


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