When you are running a salon in today’s market, there are lots of competition, nearly every street you go down there is a new hair, nail or beauty salon starting up. So here are a few things to think about to keep your salon running successfully:


  • Client experience this is a big advantage existing salons have over the new salons, a reputation for experienced, qualified therapists, good clean environment, relaxing professional ambience and comfort e.g. hairdressing chairs or beauty couches.
  • Continue marketing. do not rely on recommendation and foot fall only, drop business cards to promote your business wherever you go, make use of social media, network with local businesses and client base.
  • Think about trends and brands, ensure you have the correct brands available to your clients and follow the trends e.g. offers on spray tans for party seasons etc. clients will take comfort in the thought that you are ‘in the know’.
  • Client loyalty cards to encourage clients back time and time again.
  • Client referral programs, because recommendations are the best form of advertising.
  • Utilise available space within the salon efficiently e.g. a dead corner of a hairdressing salon maybe the perfect place to set up a nail station and rent to a nail technician.
  • Keep a continuous eye on competitors, what they are offering and their pricing.
  • Ensure your staff are trained in making even a wax into a pampering treatment offering refreshments, homecare, having the correct professional and friendly manner, building a rapport with the client, this will all add to the experience and make your client want to return.
  • Within the salon industry staff will come and go, be sure to treat them well so they are more likely to want to stay, tie their training into their contract, so you are able to reap some of the benefits and they are not just moving from salon to salon getting free training. When replacing staff do not employ the first person that comes along be sure to interview and check any beauty therapist, hairdresser or nail technician thoroughly, by reviewing their c.v, check references and carry out a trade test where possible.

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