These days there is so much focus on your lips, everything is about bigger lips “the bigger the better”

Girls go to all sorts of extreme measures to have that perfect luscious pout… I can share a few trade secrets with you, so you can get the pout without resorting to drastic measures.

Firstly, let me say it is all about a good liner! You always trust brands like MAC that do a great range of shades. My personal favourites are Strip down, Whirl and Cork, just to name a few ;)

You need to begin by outlining the lip, gradually build up the colour starting to go over the top lips natural line. The shades that I love using will get you a natural look so you won’t notice you have gone over the natural lip line. Underneath the bottom lip you also need to place the liner slightly under the middle part of the lip, this will create a natural fold of the bottom lip.

This is a great starting point,  I would suggest a lighter shade of lipstick to colour in the middle of your lips for example pinks, corals end even browns as long as the shade is lighter than the liner you will create a plumper looking lip. In order to achieve a more even coverage of the lipstick, apply it with a brush.

As a final touch cover your lip in a bit of clear gloss. That will not only make it shiny and beautiful, but it will give you a pout that you have always dreamed about ;)

Below I am showing how I am creating a fuller looking lip on my-self ;)

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps x

leah pout