So as Spring is fast approaching and our focus is starting to look to the summer and holidays. So we may still be struggling to lose a little of the post Crimbo podge, our skin, hair and nails maybe dry from the winter elements and our sunkissed skin is a distant memory. But help at your local salon is at hand and here are a few treatments worth looking into and things we should start thinking about:

Weightloss – there are loads of different treatments all claiming to be the answer to our prayers and replace expensive cosmetic surgery. So look at the different treatments on offer and here are my recommendations:

If you have a couple of areas of stubborn fat - think about the latest in fat freezing, this lowers the temperature of the fat cells to destroy them from the area. Remember not an instant result but gradual reduction over the next couple of months when combined with diet and exercise. Or if you are looking at toning up areas of loose skin, think about the use of high frequency to tighten areas of the skin.

So when your skin is dull, lifeless and pale, get a good exfoliation,followed by moisturization to give your skin a boost. Also, there’s nothing like a good deep cleanse facial including steam to feel relaxed, pampered and brighten your face.

Nails, hands and feet feeling dry, chapped with peeling nails? This is the perfect time to start getting them summer ready with a manicure and pedicure.

Whilst we are still wearing trousers and long sleeved tops this is a perfect time to start thinking about preparing for summer and grow our leg, bikini and underarm hairs for at least x4-6 weeks so the hairs will be long enough to wax out and ensure a nice clean finish. When you have been waxed a few times, the hair will be softer, finer, a smoother finish with results that last for longer.

mani pedi set 2

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