Here at Beauty4less, as discussed on our last blog, we have a great selection of make-up brushes to help you re-create this look I created on myself. The salon supplies you can get in this little online shop are fantastic! Furthermore, using the code GIVEME50 you can get yourself 50% of all consumables during April, which is great!

We have everything you could possibly need. The brushes in particular are going to be key in helping you recreate the look above. Our brush set contains a 24 Piece make up brush set, which contains everything you need to create the look that I was rocking!

leah image

A smoked Brush, which I would use to start with the darkest colour on the outer lid, I would then go in with a smudge brush to blend the colour into the lid, this will stop any harsh lines. The small eye shadow brush would be great for applying the light grey colour on the inner part of the Lid. The Eyeliner Brush is fantastic for creating a sharp Liner, one of the best I have used. We hear feedback from our customers rating us for our low low prices, our speed of delivery and great customer service. The Free Delivery is very much appreciated as well.

The eyeshadows used in this look are below:

  • Morphe Brushes, 35N palette (USA brand) Fantastic Pigment; which are easily applied with your Eye shadow brushes in your Beauty4less Kit.
  • Violet Voss, Sparkle pigment is Galaxy (USA brand); I would recommend you use the Angled eye shadow brush for this to help with application.


Remember To get your salon supplies for the whole month of April we have 50% off, you are going to need a few of our other salon equipment in order to Apply Maintain and Remove your make up J

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy see you next time. Leah x