Its no good just advertising your business when you are opening your salon, you need to continue to advertise your salon to help your business succeed. Getting the word out when offering new treatments, products, promoting offers and encouraging satisfied customers to come back is important to your success. Below is how best to keep your customers up-to-date with your salon:

Place your promotional offer on your website and connect to the social media sites e.g. facebook, twitter. Facebook and other social networking sites also offer pay-per-click advertising that will display next to the profiles of those who fit your target market. You will only pay if an interested party actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website, so this can be an effective means of promoting your business and treatments e.g. wax x1 area and receive a discount on a second area. Think of something inexpensive, but effective at enticing possible clients.

Ensure you are using a salon software product that allows you to capture client/treatment details etc.  So when you have an offer e.g. discounted  spray tan, this can be emailed to your client base easily, effectively at no additional cost. If you don’t have an offer on then a monthly or quarterly E-letters to keep in contact with your market, point them to your website helps improve your brand awareness. 

Beauty salons rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, work with local businesses that have a similar client database to you add a link to each others websites, facebooks etc. exchange vouchers to be placed by the till and given to each client. When you have a happy client in your salon, give her a coupon for a discount if she returns with a friend. Providing an incentive for existing clients to promote your services is one way to expand your client base at little cost to you. Give a special gift card to each of your clients for a unique discount on their next visit. This creates the appearance of value, which the client then feels obligated to redeem at some point. 

Keep your brand consistent right through from the website, salon furniture, salon look and feel, business cards, and staff uniforms. Come up with a catchy slogan that can be printed on employee business cards, uniforms and staff e-mail signatures. 

While more and more people are going online as their main source of information, there is still a large audience for the print media as well. Speak to your local newspaper and arrange an editorial focusing on your unique selling points, e.g. specialist area such as nail treatments and a promotional offer. Get your offer printed on some leaflets and hire people to hand them out, at local businesses and potential customers on the street. Even if this does not generate many direct leads, this will get your name out there. 



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