Spray Tan Machine and a QUALITY Spray Gun

There are a huge variety of different spray tan machines and spray guns available and there is no need to spend a fortune to get a quality spray machine. The spray machine needs to be efficient, as quiet as possible, safe, portable and easy to use. When you are experienced, the spray machine should allow you to spray a client in approx 10-15 mins. Hold approximately 4-6 inches away from the body without causing over spray. If you need to stand 2-3 feet away, you will waste much of the solution. 

Spray Tanning Pop Up Tent

If you do not have a spray tan room in your salon you will require a pop up tent to stop the tan from being sprayed everywhere. This is perfect for mobile therapists. There are lots of different pop up tents available therefore be sure the one you choose which is:

·       Lightweight

·       The floor and roof sections are sewn into the tent

·       A clear section on the top to allow the light into the tent 

·       It should be quick to set up and fold away

·       Have its own carry case

·       Have the ability to include an extraction fan if required

·       Be large enough to carry out the treatment whilst ensuring client comfort as your client will have to change position throughout the process.


Spray Tanning Solution

All tanning solutions work in a similar way as they contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which combines the amino acids on the skin and the oxygen in the air to turn the skin brown, similar to when you take a bite from an apple and leave it, the sugar and amino acids react with the oxygen in the air and turn brown.

The tanning solutions come in different concentrations from the lightest at 8% through to the darkest at 14% taking approx 40-80mls to carry out a complete spray tan. The solution only affects the top layers of skin, therefore only last 4-7 days depending on your lifestyle and aftercare.

Disposable G Strings

Disposable g strings are essential to offer your clients as these allow really good access to all areas, whilst protecting your clients modesty and minimising white lines. Alternatively, your clients may want to wear their own underwear, which will inevitably get coated with the tan and often causes more lines and white bits.

Disposable Hair Caps

These are used to stop the tan from going onto the clients’ hair. This is extremely important if the client has bleached/highlighted hair. Just ensure the hats are moved when spraying the face so you do not get any tan lines 

Sticky Feet

These are disposable paper flip flop shaped items, which are really sticky when the backing is removed and are used to stop tan being walked onto the feet during the treatment. Salons see these as an additional expense, but are an essential piece of equipment to achieve great results, ensure your client feels pampered and a luxury treatment has been delivered.

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