Your salon could have the most talented staff and best products but if customers don't know about your salon, then they wont visit and you won't make any money. Getting the word out, offering promotions and encouraging satisfied customers to come back is key to your salon’s success. Build a marketing strategy and develop your brand which will feed into your website, creating the same look and feel as the clients will experience when they visit your salon e.g. trendy hairdressing salon will have modern looking hairdressing chairs and furniture.


It is not enough to just have your website in place, you need to promote it, design your website with optimization in mind, connect to the social media sites e.g. facebook, twitter and update regularly. Create monthly or quarterly E-letters to keep in contact with your market and tell them about new treatments you are now offering e.g. nail treatments.

Determine your media budget and think about the potential return on investment before making a decision on using the different medias e.g. newspapers, leaflets, business cards etc. to get your brand out there.

Beauty and Hairdressing salons rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising so train employees how to build a clientele through referrals and client relationships. Consider giving a discount or treatment upgrades to clients who refer a friend.

Come up with a catchy slogan that can be printed on employee business cards, uniforms and staff e-mail signatures.

Where possible make a guarantee, if you believe in your products and services enough to guarantee satisfaction, new clients will be more likely to take a chance and try out your salon. 

Make new and existing clients an offer, give people a reason to try your salon or return. Maybe a free or discounted product or treatment e.g. wax x1 area and receive a discount on a second area. Think of something inexpensive, but effective at enticing possible clients.

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