When setting up a salon there are a few key things that you need to bare in mind in order to set the correct tone for your salon, create the right image to attract the desired clientele, e.g. Where are you going to set up your business, choosing the right building, the style of salon furniture and the treatments you are going to offer.

Whether you are setting up a young, trendy salon attracting young professionals and students, traditional salon attracting an older clientele or a high-end salon attracting a more affluent clientele you need to think about the following:


A Modern Trendy Salon

Where you decide to set up your salon will influence your clientele e.g. a high street salon, close to local businesses etc. is more likely to attract the young professionals whether it is in their lunch break or after work.

This image should be reflected by the window display, keeping on trend and advertising new innovative treatments on offer to give the impression that you are in ‘the know’, the latest in facials, nails, hair treatments etc. The use of salon furniture is key to creating this look whether right from the beauty couches, hair dressing chairs through to storage, mirrors and light fittings.


A Traditional Salon

This type of salon is more likely to be suited to a more suburban salon, offering traditional treatments, utilising more traditional marketing methods to target the desired clientele. The use of salon furniture, accessories alongside offering more traditional treatments is key to creating this look.


An Upmarket Classy Salon

This type of salon will ideally be located in a more affluent part of town. Offering more selective treatments at a slightly higher price, ensuring high-end brands are utilised.

The salon furniture, accessories, nail stations and hairdressing chairs should reflect the luxury feel of the salon, many of these salons will have private rooms to carry out hairdressing treatments for exclusive clients. The staff should be trained to ensure clients are given a higher level of service, offering refreshments etc. as standard to ensure your client feels extra special in comparison to the salon down the road.


When you have decided on the type of salon, the style of salon furniture required, treatments you are offering, the location of the salon and the clients you would like to attract e.g. trendy or traditional etc. Then sit with a designer and start to work on your name, logo, colour schemes and signage etc. to begin brand development.

Your branding will feed into developing your website. This is often the first contact your client will have with your salon, therefore it is important the website creates the correct first impression. Create the same look and feel as the clients willexperience when they visit your salon.

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