As we approach Spring with the party season well behind us, we are now thinking about the summer. With summer comes wearing skirts, shorts, tshirts and sandals. So we all visit the salon for treatments with this in mind. Therefore the following treatments tend to become popular in spring time:


Luxury Manicure and Pedicure

To moisturise our hands to rectify the damage carried out when exposing to the harsh elements of winter. In winter our circulation tends not to be so good, hence having cold hands and feet, therefore our nails tend not to grow as fast or as healthy, splitting and peeling and our skin and cuticles start to dry out. The massage, hot oil treatments, masks, exfoliation tools and hot mitts/booties which separate our luxury from basic treatments all help to moisturize, improve circulation, therefore improving the condition of the skin and nails.

Deep cleanse and radiance facials

When exposed to the harsh elements of the winter months, such as rain, wind, central heating and cold temperatures. Our skin tends to look dry and dull, so a good deep cleanse facial making use of a steamer, massage and radiance masks really helps to brighten our skin.


As we still struggle to lose excess Christmas podge, we may hit the gym. The beginning of any year tends to see the popularity of massage in the salon increase to not only soothe those aching muscles stimulate circulation, but to help de-tox and stimulate lymphatic flow. So choose from a de-tox massage, sports massage or relaxing massage so lay back on the massage couch and relax.

Weightloss treatments

As an additional aid to help reduce the post Christmas podge we often turn to the local beauty salon for treatments that can assist this process, whether its help to break down areas of stubborn fat with Cryogenic treatments, remove toxins with vacuum suction, toning the muscles with faradic or toning the skin with high frequency, they all have their place and benefits when accompanied by diet and exercise.

Sometimes these are not the most comfortable treatments, so grin and bare it, think about the benefits and rewards whilst you lay there on the beauty couch

manicure/pedicure set

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