Before I take you through some key steps to achieving a great Spray tan I’m going to tell you about a fantastic little set that Beauty4less do. The Bare Naked tanning brand will be on excellent offer at the beauty show NEC Birmingham On the 10th and 11th Of May. Although normally it’s sold for nearly £100, during the exhibition, they will be available for a fraction of that at the Beauty4less stand R80. Those sets are great for anybody who wants to learn as well as for a small business! Set consists of a spray tan machine, sticky feet, thongs, mop caps and a bunch of solution! Nevertheless, if you already have your favourite spray tanning brand like ST Tropez or Suntana, Bare Naked machine will work well with those as well ;) 

More and more people are interested in learning spray tanning and try to do it at home. It is a lot easier that you could have imagined! So I would like to provide a quite tips and guide to a successful sun kissed look. 

The first step would be to choose your shade smartly; do you want to be naturally tanned or a deep tan. All brands do different shades in different strengths, so think about your natural skin colour and how much darker you would like to look.

A great tip would be to cleanse and exfoliate your face and body. This will help to create an even tan. Any dead skin is going to leave a streaky effect and the tan will not last as long. So grab some good scrub and let’s get to work ;)

I usually prefer a spray in the evening as any moisturiser, perfumes etc. on the skin will perform as a barrier stopping the lotion from tanning you. Besides you can then leave it overnight for a better effect and wash it off in the morning. Then you are also good to go for a skin moisturisers, perfume, etc. 

Another great tip, I always apply Vaseline to my toe nails and finger nails to stop staining, who wants stained acrylics (You could also pop a little on any dry areas to stop over tanning…)

Aftercare advice: make sure to slightly exfoliate your skin after day 2 of the tan. This will help to keep the tan from going blotchy, as well as it will help it last as long as possible.

Happy tanning everyone!

Love, Leah xx


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