Discuss required depth of colour with your therapist as solutions vary from 8% - 14%. This will ensure the best colour is selected.

If you are planning on having a spray tan for a special occasion e.g. wedding, be sure to have a trial run or a patch test to ensure the correct colour is achieved. 

Varnish your nails even if it is just clear, to prevent any staining to the nails.

Before your spray tan prepare your skin by exfoliating thoroughly, concentrate on elbows, hands and knees. This removes the top layer of dead skin cells to help your tan to last longer.

Be sure to shave or wax at least 24 hours before. If done after the tan, it will be removed.

Avoid wearing perfumes as some perfumes can interfere with the tan even if you have showered.

Avoid deodorant, make up and moisturizer on the day of the spray tan, some deodorants will turn the tanning solution green during development time, whilst other products can form a barrier preventing the tan from getting to the skin.


Wipe over areas such as face and underarms to remove any product residue that could affect the tan e.g. make up, deodorant

Wear a disposable G String if offered. These allow really good access to all areas, whilst protecting your modesty and minimising white lines. 

Make use of a disposable Hair Cap if offered as these stop the tan from going onto your hair, which is particularly important if you have bleached/highlighted hair.

Use Sticky Feet if offered as these stop the tan from being walked onto the feet during the treatment.

Listen to your therapist and move to the relevant position throughout the spraying process to ensure the tan is applied evenly to all areas of your body.

The spray gun should be held at approximately 6 inches away from you throughout the treatment to ensure an even application. Ensure the same distance between you and your therapist is maintained throughout the treatment.  



Allow the tan to dry before dressing; this should only take a few minutes. The spray machine will have a feature to blow just air to assist the drying process.

Wear loose fitting, dark clothing after your tan has been applied, loose clothing prevents the tan from being rubbed off, dark clothing, just in case the tan is transferred onto the clothing. Wear sandals or flip-flops.

Leave the tan to develop for at least 5-8 hours or as manufacturers recommend before showering. Be aware that some tans may go onto your bedclothes if you decide to sleep before showering.

Avoid any water or sweaty activities as sweat can cause the tan to create patches.
Do not apply any products over the developing tan.

Be aware that you will feel sticky and the spray tan will have a slight odour, this is normal. Try not to touch your skin to see if it is sticky, the tan could transfer onto your hands.

Where possible just wash the insides of your hands whilst the tan is developing.

When you take your first shower you will see some colour residue being removed, once the water runs clear, wash yourself gently with your hands and remember to pat your skin dry gently do not rub.

Moisturise using a non-oily product frequently (at least morning and night) to help your tan to last longer.

Check product labels and avoid products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) as these can strip colour.

Your tan should last 7-10 days. After approx 5 days start to exfoliate and repeat every two days to ensure your tan fades evenly.

Try to avoid swimming in chlorine, as this will make your tan fade quickly.
Limit the shaving of your legs, as this is also a form of exfoliating.