Starting up a new enterprise can be a difficult process. You may well already be a qualified and talented individual, but there’s still a lot of thought which needs to go into your business. You’ll need a comprehensive and high quality setup, both to keep your clients in a state of total immersion and comfort.

Fortunately, we offer comprehensive starter salon kits for anyone looking to start off on the right foot. There’s plenty of variety, depending on the amount you can afford to invest and the scale of your needs, but we’re particularly interested in our Pro Beginners Starter Set.

The entire set contains everything you need for a comprehensive setup when you’re investing in your own professional salon, whether it’s going to be mobile or located at your home. You’ll receive an adjustable beauty couch, ideal for massage, able to be quickly and simply folded down into a portable form for easy transport.

You’ll also be getting all the accessories you need to ensure your clients are well supplied throughout their treatment. A free-standing trolley with removable drawers is perfect for keeping lotions and creams on hand, while a simpler, shelved beauty trolley is handy when you need a few tools and accessories on hand.

Complete with a beauty stool featuring a high density cushion for comfort over long periods, the entire set will only set you back by £160.00. If you’ve got any questions or queries about making your first order, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help.