An electric beauty chair has a major advantage over its non-electric counterparts in that everything becomes much easier when using them. Electric beauty chairs allow beauticians the facility for their clients to both sit and lie down whilst having their treatment, depending on what is required or what they want. An electric beauty chair can go from being a chair to being a table for someone to lie on even whilst they are in it, unfolding gently using an electric motor that never disturbs the user.

Without an electric beauty chair a beautician would need to manually unfold a beauty chair whilst a client waits or before they arrive, which takes time away from the rest of the preparation needed before seeing a client. With an electric beauty chair, beauticians are free to make the rest of their preparations, safe in the knowledge that their chair will unfold itself at the push of a button.

Another advantage of electric beauty chairs is that they can be easily adjusted, either from the sitting or lying position, to suit the height of the beautician while they sit on their beauty stool. This is really important as without being able to adjust the height of the chair, a beautician may find themselves in the wrong position for a treatment, meaning they would have to disturb their client in order to adjust the seat. With an electric beauty chair this is not a danger, and clients will feel more secure in the hands of their beautician, in addition to beauticians feeling more confident in their skills.