Massage may be a relaxing and enjoyable activity to try, but it’s surprising how many people don’t realise there are some sincere and noticeable health benefits accompanying the practice.

For instance, it’s a noted fact that massage can help to reduce stress levels. This has been recorded in the past by testing subjects for Cortisol, a steroid hormone which releases as a response to stressful situations. In individuals who are massaged on a regular basis, even if it’s only briefly, Cortisol is recorded at considerably reduced levels.

Cutting down on stress does, of course, carry its own health benefits. Common mental issues such as anxiety and depression are often induced by feelings of stress, and massage has the potential to help reduce the symptoms of these issues.

It also provides a boost to your immune system. Many people find themselves suffering from mouth ulcers regularly, despite maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. These are ‘stress ulcers’, and they’re a very real thing. High levels of stress will eventually result in the failure of the immune system. With the mouth being full of bacteria, any immune issues will manifest themselves there first.

By cutting down on stress levels, massage will keep your immune system functioning longer. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle you should be capable of avoiding illness, ulcers, and even the common cold with far greater efficiency. Considering how comforting and engaging a good massage can be, it’s worth drawing attention to the many health benefits users can also hope to experience.

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