Sometimes, particularly when you’re first starting out, you need a bit of help to establish exactly what look and feel you’d like to go for in your salon. When it comes to creating a relaxed mood with impressive décor, we reckon we’re pretty good at offering help and advice so we thought we’d share a few tips with you.

Here at Beauty4Less, we have a lot of experience in the field of getting great products that both we and our customers love, such as an electric massage bed for the perfect massage. When it comes to beauty products and the type of things you should use, we definitely know a thing or two. Where makeup is concerned, we’re passionate about using items we love. It’s better to go with a few really good quality brands and pick certain cosmetics from their ranges that you think are really good. For example, when it comes to eye shadow, it’s nice to have a good range of different shades from around three to four different brands. This way, your customer has plenty of choice but won’t feel overwhelmed by the quantity of the products. And, the more it shows that you like something and it works for you, the more likely it is that your customers will feel the same.

When it comes to the décor in your salon, you definitely want something that reflects your own style and personality as well as that of the products and equipment you use. Candles add a lovely touch to each and every salon as they’re relaxing and give off lovely light. You may also find that fairy lights, lovely cushions and fresh flowers add perfectly to the mood you’d like to evoke.

Remember; always go for things that you like rather than just what you think your customers like. The more at ease you are in your own space, the more likely you and your customers are to get the most out of your experience!