Here are some key steps to ensure are in place to assist with a safe and smooth running salon.


1. Ensure there is a health & safety policy in place and that training is undertaken by all staff to ensure it is understood and adhered to by all staff.


2. Make sure all electrical equipment used within the salon e.g. wax heaters, sterilizers etc. are all tested on an annual basis.


3. Ensure all staff are aware of the risks and work safely when working with the chemicals in your salon.


4. Where possible you use gloves to reduce the risk of dermatitis and prevent cross infection.


5. Check that all your fire exits and route ways are clear from obstructions.


6. Good ventilation will reduce problems associated with products used in the salon. If necessary use extractors e.g. nail station with air filter.


7. Check the salon first aid kit regularly and if necessary restock. Be prepared and record any incidents that may occur in the salon.


8. All employees must be given access to clean WC facilities, with a wash hand basin, hot and cold water supply, adequate supply of soap and drying facilities to protect themselves from infection.


9. All work areas must be well lit and fit for purpose, ensure all equipment such as chairs and couches are fully adjustable to prevent injury and strain. Check your lighting throughout the salon is adequate and well maintained.


10.  Salon hygiene is essential not only for health and safety purposes but also to attract and retain clients. Hair clippings should be regularly swept, dusty surfaces cleansed, equipment should be cleaned, disinfected/sterilized, with disposables being used where possible.

 wax heater

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