Below are 10 top-tips that you need to consider when running a talon salon. If you follow these guidelines, you will be a step closer to ensuring that your customers are completely satisfied with your service!

Top 10 Tanning Salon Tips:

  • Carry out a consultation with your client to select the correct tan solution (8% - 14%) and ensure all client expectations are met. 
  • Ensure your client has prepared their skin correctly before attending the salon e.g. wax, shave and exfoliate at least 24 hours before tan. Do not apply deodorant, makeup or moisturisers etc. on the day.
  • Give your client exfoliating wipes to ensure any product residue e.g. deodorant is removed.
  • Keep the spray gun a distance of approximately 6 inches away from the client throughout the treatment, move quickly to prevent over-spray and thoroughly
  • Application – be methodical. Whether you decide to work on the back first, work round the body methodically e.g. back, side, side, front, hands, feet, face. Do not be afraid to ask clients to move to ensure all areas are covered and that creases are accessed e.g. inside of legs, sides of the body etc. Be sure to avoid the palms of the hands.
  • Use the spray machine function by removing the spray gun to blow air to help speed up the drying process before dressing. Ensure the client wears loose fitting dark clothes and flip-flops. Tell them to avoid tight jeans, underwear etc.
  • Ask the client to shower in 5-8 hours or as per recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions on the tan solution and when showering, tell them to be gentle, pat dry and do not rub dry.
  • Give the client aftercare advice e.g. moisturise at least twice a day with an oil free moisturizer
  • Tell your client to start exfoliating when the tan begins to fade approx day 5 and then again every x2 days to ensure the tan fades evenly.

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