Cranial sacral therapy is a type of massage therapy that addresses the bones in the head and spine. The overall aim of the therapy is to relive any tension in these areas that might be causing headaches and other tension related conditions such as migraines. More than tension in the head, jaw and back pain can also be relived through this type of massage, as the spine and head are all connected and contain many muscles which are used in everyday tasks often.

It’s quite common for people who are suffering from sleepless nights to opt for cranial sacral therapy, as the stress in the areas it addresses can make it very hard for people to switch off at night. Around 28 million Americans have this massage every year simply because they can’t sleep at night due to stress, but there are many others that have it to help deal with other conditions related to their backs and necks.

Scalp massage is often incorporated into cranial sacral therapy as it’s an incredibly effective way of dealing with tension in the head. This helps the whole therapy come together to provide complete relief from tension and stress in the head, it’s the combination of all of these areas that helps to relieve the pain people experience in their shoulders, necks and heads, making it an incredibly popular one. Beauty 4 Less promote this kind of massage for everyone, as it's a great way to relieve any tension that could be causing some big issues in a person's life.