Deep Tissue work plays an extremely important part in the practice of massage, yet it’s one of the most commonly misunderstood techniques. Customers will often ask for deep tissue work without quite understanding what that entails. Usually they mean ‘please give me a deep pressure massage, with strong and intense control over my entire body’, closer to a Swedish massage than Deep Tissue. If they received deep tissue work over their entire body they’d probably experience severe pain, along with serious trauma to the muscles and nerves, which is usually considered a deal-breaker.

Deep Tissue massage is usually employed for those who experience severe pain, or a high risk of injury (such as professional athletes). The pain is often resulting from adhesions in the body, tightened groups of muscles, ligaments and tendons. They impair movement and cause serious discomfort. The masseuse identifies and targets these areas, then uses high pressure to break them down and improve recovery.

The technique is actually quite uncomfortable at times, and many recipients will feel some pain during the process. Afterwards they may suffer a painful ache for some days, replacing the sharp ache of the injury.

This is all to be expected, as deep tissue work is meant to solve particular medical problems in the body, not serve as general relaxation therapy. It’s a valuable skill to offer, and helps to expand many beauty parlours to more specialised customers.

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