Geriatric massage is a massage technique designed specifically for the elderly. Developed with other massage techniques, geriatric massage requires the masseur to be very gentle, and only apply the massage techniques they use with light touches and pressure. Masseurs can also use oils which will further decrease any friction on the client’s skin, which can be quite painful if someone’s skin is incredibly sensitive or fragile in any way.

Sometimes a masseur will use passive stretching in their geriatric massage technique. This stretching simply moves the client’s muscles into positions they won’t normally move into on a daily basis, giving those muscles the chance to stretch and get used a bit more.

Overall geriatric massage stimulates blood flow around the body, which is incredibly helpful and important for the elderly, as it keeps their joints from aching so much. Geriatric massage can also combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain caused by arthritis, and improve posture and overall well-being.

It’s incredibly important for the elderly to keep active, and do things that help maintain a healthy mental attitude. Geriatric massage will promote a healthy mental attitude, which will in turn encourage the people having the massage to be more active in life.

It’s often wise to go with your elderly relative the first time they have a geriatric massage, as it can be an odd experience for someone who’s never had one before. For any elderly who don’t often receive much touch contact, it’s also worth going with them for their first massage, as it might be very strange for them. Beauty 4 Less is dedicated to bringing customers the most up to date information, so keep checking back for more blog posts.