Intraoral massage is a treatment more commonly associated with TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction), a condition which causes pain in the Temporomandibular Joints, which connect to the skull. Symptoms of this condition can range from mild discomfort to extreme pain, in some cases causing people to stop talking because it hurts so much. As you can imagine, TMD also affects a person’s ability to eat, and can have quite a drastic effect if the pain is severe enough to make them avoid food altogether.

Intraoral massage is a technique mostly used by medical professionals, though it is thought that all masseurs should be trained in the practice as well. Masseurs will wear gloves for the massage, and work on the muscles in and around the mouth, as well as those in the face, neck, shoulders, and head. The understanding behind the technique is that by massaging these muscles, particularly those in and around the mouth, tension can be relieved for those suffering with TMD, but also for those who regularly clench their jaws and grind their teeth.

When tension arises in the mouth muscles, it spreads upward to the face and head, resulting in some incredibly painful headaches. Those working in a stressful environment are more likely to suffer from tension headaches, as well as the added tension caused around the rest of the body that stress brings. When having a massage to relieve this tension, Intraoral Massage could help to take away any headaches that have been bothering someone for a long time, which is why many professionals believe all masseurs should learn the technique. Make sure you come back to Beauty 4 Less to find out about even more about the many different massage techniques out there.