There are so many different types of massage out there that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We can safely say that muscle melt massage isn’t your normal kind of massage, and you don’t want to have to resort to it unless you’re feeling particularly stressed, and tension is wracking your body with pain at every step.

To begin with, muscle melt massage is a normal massage as you would have on any beauty couch, using a combination of massaging techniques from various other styles. The difference with this massage is that after the masseur is finished with your back, they will place a heated bag of wheat between your shoulders, so that it actually feels like the tension is melting out of your muscles.

Next the masseur will move onto your arms and legs, which might be a strange concept for some, but it really does help if you’re feeling overly stressed. By massaging all of these points, the body is completely relaxed and reworked, meaning that your muscles will move freely when you walk away, and you won’t feel the strain of the past few days or weeks in the very fibres of your muscles.

An option with this type of massage is a stomach massage. This isn’t something masseurs do very often, but it really does help to melt away all the tension in the body, as the core is where we can store a lot of our stress, causing us to think that we’re ill when we’re not. You may not feel comfortable with this, but if you simply try it you’ll feel the difference in the results when you walk away back to your life.