Prenatal massage is massage therapy designed for pregnant women, with certain techniques being used or not used depending on how far along they are. Prenatal massage has been proven to relieve stress, as well as the normal aches and pains experienced during pregnancy, which can be quite a relief to a woman should they be particularly uncomfortable. Not only is the stress relief from prenatal massage felt mentally, but weight-bearing joints also experience relief, which benefits the mother by helping to relive nervous tension, aiding better sleep and preventing depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes becoming uncontrollable.

The techniques used in prenatal massage focus on the areas that experience the most stress during pregnancy. Obviously this means the back is focussed on, but how do masseurs position mothers to ensure the safety of the baby? Mothers are asked to lie on their sides, with pillows provided to support their bumps and prevent any pain from being caused. From here the masseur can access the mother’s back and have them switch sides if they need to work on the muscles on their sides.

The rest of the body will be massaged as well during prenatal massage, but the primary focus will be on those areas under the most strain from pregnancy, including the joints and legs. Techniques from other forms of massage will also be employed in a prenatal massage, meaning a mother could experience something close to a Swedish massage should their therapist decide this is the best course of action. Beauty 4 Less care about making sure their customers know about every type of massage, which is why they're continuing to add to this blog series.