Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Ch’uan or Taijiquan, is a Chinese martial art. Tai Chi is practised not only for the defence it teaches, but also for its longevity. Due to the slow movements involved in Tai Chi it’s often used as a form of meditation, which has become more popular in recent years.

The specific movements people used to meditate with Tai Chi are categorised as slow movement, which follow the same defensive techniques taught in Tai Chi, but simply remain slow to give the user time to meditate on their thoughts and life.

Tai chi is also used in traditional Chinese medicine as the meditation aspect helps people to focus their thoughts on feeling better, which is a huge part of healing in general. Another aspect of the healing side of Tai Chi is that it allows those who can’t sit still and meditate in the traditional fashion to still achieve a state in which they can comfortably mediate. Through practicing Tai Chi people can move the muscles in their back, which might be causing them pain, and relax their mind and body through the meditative state they can achieve during Tai Chi movements, helping their back muscles stretch and hurt less.

While not a form of massage, Tai Chi has been hugely influential in the world of beauty and massage, giving people a new insight into relaxation techniques. People can practice Tai Chi at home without causing themselves any harm, whereas practicing certain types of massage at home can result in serious injuries. Beauty 4 Less believe that people should try Tai Chi as an alternative to home massage, and masseurs should encourage it, as it helps to relive tension in the week to get them through to their weekend massage.