You may be more familiar with trigger points by their common name ‘muscle knots’. People often refer to them incorrectly, confusing tenseness with an actual knot. They’re extremely uncomfortable, and touching them can often result in even more uncomfortable twitching in the associated muscle. They’ve also been known to create ‘referred pain’, which is when the symptoms of pain occur outside of the problematic area causing it, for instance taut band of skeletal muscle fibres in the small of your back may create a pained sensation in the neck, or even the head.

In trigger point therapy an experienced masseuse attempts to identify the ‘knotted’ muscles, and relieve them through isolated treatment. Pressuring and releasing the specific muscle node will hopefully relax the muscle, alleviating pain in referred areas of the body.

It’s used to particular effect on individuals suffering from chronic injury, or simply heavy amounts of stress. Single and regular treatments can lessen pain substantially, as long as the masseuse is well-versed in the muscle groups being treated. An amateur stands risk of damaging the muscle tissue and creating pain from scratch.

Trigger point therapy is a very popular way of reducing certain kinds of pain, and an extremely effective technique in the hands of the right masseuse.

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