Watsu massage is unlike most other massages out there. While massage usually takes place on a massage table, Watsu massage takes place in a body of water. The concept behind the massage technique is that the water acts as a temperature control, bringing the masseur’s body temperature up to that of the water, in addition to the body of the person receiving the therapy. With the temperature at a constant, it feels as though the water is gently massaging a person’s body, rather than a masseur, creating one of the best states of relaxation.

The movements involved in Watsu massage are quite slow, with the aim being that someone should feel as though the water is doing all the work, and they are simply floating there in a relaxed state. Music is also played during Watsu massage to help the person receiving the massage relax even further, and immerse themselves in the feeling of the massage completely.

The main focus of Watsu massage is commonly as a form of therapy. People with pain syndromes, injuries, or even just out of hospital after an operation will all use Watsu massage as part of their route to recovery. Watsu massage helps people move in different ways they wouldn’t be able to out of the water, meaning they can stretch out sore muscles, and move areas of their bodies that they’re unable to move outside of the pool, and with a masseur’s help they can boost their recovery times even more. Come back to the Beauty 4 Less blog for more information on popular forms of massage.