For many beauticians, beauty couches are a major part of their business. Performing a beauty treatment on someone can be slightly awkward if they’re sitting in a chair, as they won’t be able to lie back, meaning products can end up dripping off of their face and onto their clothes. Beauty couches are flat, but can be elevated at one end to provide a slope, at the top of which someone can rest their head, putting them in a very comfortable and relaxing position.

Being comfortable and relaxed whilst having a beauty treatment is very important to clients, as they won’t be able to relax properly, ending up having a terrible time if they don’t relax enough. Beauty couches can contribute a lot to helping clients relax with a beautician, but there are many other ways through which beauticians can help their clients relax.

Soothing aromas burning from incense or scented oils can create a relaxed ambiance that is welcoming and all consuming, meaning clients will be in a position they never want to leave. This is the perfect situation for a beautician, as they will get better reviews from clients if they never want to leave, and they could also secure further business as and when a customer wants it, possibly straight after another treatment, helping their business become more successful.