Your ultimate guide to waxing equipment

When offering waxing as a treatment in your salon, there are a number of items of equipment that are required, all of which are available at Beauty4Less:

·      Trolley

·      Wax Heaters

·      Equipment Cleaner

·      Spatulas (wooden (large and facial) and metal if required)

·      Wax Strips (paper or fabric)

·      Pre Wax Cleaner

·      Oil or Talc

·      Wax

·      After wax lotion

·      Wipes

·      Gloves

·      Tissues

·      Cotton Pads

·      Couch Roll

·      Tweezers

·      Brow Brush

·      Scissors to cut your strips into small strips for brows and to trim hair

·      Clippers to trim hair (if required)

·      Anti Bacteria Spray to clean couch between clients

·      Barbicide for tools

Ensure you have a trolley to display all the equipment listed above in a tidy fashion, not only to be well presented, but also to allow you easy access during treatment. A trolley with shelves is even more beneficial.

You will need to decide if you are going to offer both hot (hard) wax or just warm wax, if you plan to offer both, you will need 2 wax pots, this is more convenient and saves you time in between treatments. Waxes are available in honey or cream formulations, various colours, fragrances and added extracts with different properties. The choice is down to the therapist’s preference.

If you are offering both hot and warm wax, provide enough space on the trolley for both pots. Think about whether you require additional insert pots and ensure the temperature is easily adjustable whether it’s dial or digital. As waxing can be a messy treatment, so it is important that the trolley is easy to clean and will not get marked by the wax cleaning solution.

When selecting your waxing system, some therapists prefer to use a roller system, as this can provide a more efficient way to apply the wax, although the wax pot system is regarded as being more effective.

Take some time selecting the wax brand you would like to use, this will give your clients the best results and make your job a lot easier. The most expensive system available is not always the best for you; practice with your chosen system on friends and family before waxing paying clients.

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